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August 6th
3:39 AM

We laugh at the stories of “awkward encounters” and the measures I take. But sometimes, I get so angry just thinking about how much I personally have to go out of my way to avoid unwanted advances (read: sexual harassment, that’s really what it is).

I have two fake engagement rings and one fake wedding ring that I wear when I know I’m going to be among a lot of guys my age. I carry pepper spray around. I walk with my keys stuck between my fingers in a fist at night. Running to my car, taking alternate paths to avoid groups of guys and having campus safety on speed dial have become a norm. 

Call me paranoid all you want, all of the above measures have been in reaction to actual incidents. I’ve had people follow me around on campus, stalk me, harass me and chase me.

What pisses me off is that I’ve been told, “That’s the price you pay for beauty”, “Guys are gonna be guys, they’re gonna go after you before anyone else can”, and “Be grateful, they think you’re pretty and are attracted to you. You’re a popular girl!”. No. Unless you’re a woman and have been through these things, please sit down and don’t tell me how I am supposed to feel about being harassed. Unwanted advances are not flattering, stop demanding me to be flattered. 

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    Being a woman must suck…
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    THANK YOU. People always say I’m exaggerating when sometimes I can’t walk 500 meters without an average of 8 guys...
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