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September 20th
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43F is a tad bit chilly genericlatino :)

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a message from Anonymous

Your post on hijab really broke my heart. I'm a Muslim woman and I don't wear the hijab because I'm too afraid. I live alone and work and I'm in an area where Muslims, especially (veiled) Muslim women, are harshly judged. I really want to wear it but I'm also scared of all that I have to face. I wish people would leave Muslim women alone. I feel as though wearing a short dress is easier than wearing a veil. Even though we all know how ppl treat women with revealing clothes, it's still easier.

It’s tough and I’m sorry to have scared you. It’s a difficult conversation to have because I don’t want to scare anyone and it’s important to not be naive. I’ve lived in Germany and I didn’t wear it there - I don’t know if I could, to be frank. I know lawyers, physicians, dentists who either can’t find work because of it or have already taken it off as a result of such pressures. And I know others who’ve been able to succeed. You have to weigh your options, honestly. There’s a reason why scholars haven’t rigidly insisted on Hijab against all odds - there are Fatawa allowing a woman to take off her Hijab if it’d be a breaking point of her marriage - and that is taking into consideration these exact circumstances that make t so difficult. Allahu musta’an.

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Any recommendation for good and relevant Islamic websites? Thank you in advance

Relevant to what?

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Salam, I want to understand why Khalid Hosseini's books suck so much. Could you provide some links maybe, please? I don't want to be treating you like a serach engine or anything but I'd be super happy if you'd help me out! Thanks! (as a very ignorant person)


To say that his work sucks is simplistic. It has positive aspects and it has problems. You can read more here: http://musaafer.tumblr.com/tagged/Khalid-Hosseini

September 19th
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You give me such eyebrow envy

Thanks friend!! ☺️

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Thank you all for your sweet messages and comments regarding last night’s post. It’s sadly comforting to know that at least we’re not alone in this.

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I've a friend who's Muslim but she's not religious at all. She knows what Islam is about but yet choose to not follow it and I gave up advising her. But the strange thing is, that she always indirectly keeps attacking Islam and Allah. she goes like "if Allah is just, then why didn't he create a female prophet?" "How do we know the sunnah and Hadith haven't been changed through all those years?" "Where in the Quran is mentioned that women have to wear hijab?" And more. Tbh idk what to tell her..

These are doubts people have when growing up in a world that vilifies Islam to this extent and simply fishes for reasons to dismiss it (all of those questions are talking points of anti-Muslim bigots). If you can’t explain, that’s okay. I’d point her to articles/books that address those concerns. I’ve had my own share of doubts and will forever be indebted to those who shared knowledge with me until I had tranquility and a peace of mind with regards to my faith.

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I’m just exhausted, bas.

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you just summed up my feelings on hijab as well, especially that last part. it's not a matter of me wanting to unveil to be seen physically but i want to be seen /outside/ of my hijab and religion but that doesn't mean i want to divorce myself from religion either

It’s so messed up that this is a dilemma we’re faced with. This never should be a problem, we shouldn’t have to bargain our humanity like this.

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I can really relate to your personal struggle sometimes I'll tell my mother "you know Im really struggling with hijab and I regret wearing it so young" and she'll say something along the lines of "if you think like that youll loose all the ajr of wearing it so young" but that cant be right? isnt the ajr of wearing it in the struggle of keeping it on? idk anymore I try not to think about it at all because it takes me to dark places

I don’t know. All I know is that Allah swt sees everything - our public struggles and our private ones, our intentions and our draw-backs - and that He is the Most Just.

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This is gonna be a messy and personal post. Please don’t reblog if you’re somehow going to disagree with my experiences or whatever.

Lately, it’s been so difficult to hold on to the Hijab. I’ve been feeling like this for months and held it in but I realized that it’s important to share this because a lot of us hold it in and thus the women who go through this think they’re alone and their struggle is abnormal. They aren’t and it isn’t. So I’ve decided to share - to vent and to bond.

I realize that I am very privileged in that I live in Southern California where there’s a lot of diversity and many Muslims. We have it better than many and are privileged in many ways. Regardless, the structures that marginalize us exist here and everywhere.

I’ve worn the scarf for four years and I miss the days when I got the luxury of being human for a while when meeting someone new, instead of having to constantly prove your humanity. I wore it for the right reasons, I like to think, and that’s what’s making me hold on to this. But I miss the luxury of humanity. Now I’m just, in the first instance, a novelty. Even in this liberal diverse West LA. People are fascinatingly stupid. Don’t tell me I need to go out of my way more or be bubbly in order to prove to people that I’m human like them. It’s exhausting, it’s terrifying.

In an environment where we’re seen as terrorists and as trouble makers, where bigotry against our community is tolerated by everyone in charge, where racism is so rampant, where my sisters are attacked, physically and institutionally, for their scarf, where there is surveillance everywhere, where we are under the eyes of more task forces and committees than I can keep track of, where I am always seen as “oppressed muslim woman” before I’m seen as a human being, where people assume I don’t speak English when I speak six languages better than them, where I have to justify every word I say, every step I take, every decision I make, where I’m asked time and again to condemn Hamas, condemn Hezbollah, condemn ISIS, condemn Al-Qaeda, condemn Taliban, condemn the Brotherhood, condemn this, condemn that, where every step I take is suspicious and a crime unless proven otherwise, I am simply exhausted.

We have spent more of our lives in the post 9/11 era than we have spent outside it. For the majority of my life, this has been reality. I am tired of condemning fuckass groups who have done more harm to me, who have hurt and marginalized me more, who have dehumanized me more than a single one of the pieces of shit who demand that I condemn them.

Add to that patriarchy. It doesn’t help to be outspoken and intimidating, it doesn’t help that this society, even this supportive Muslim society, teaches reduction to looks and that there are still beauty standards, harsher standards almost, for women who wear Hjjab to be conventionally attractive in this way or outstanding gorgeous in that way. It doesn’t help that you’re reduced to something you’re technically supposed to cover, it doesn’t help that you’re supposed to seek a state in which you are sought after. No matter what you do, it seems, you can’t seem to escape the idea of a man desiring you or marrying you and it’s fascinating how complicating the Hijab can be in that matter.

Add to that the hidden list of obligations you somehow signed up for when you committed to wearing the hijab. I am so profoundly bored with people who contend that I am the representative of Islam to everyone. I am no more of a representative (in the sense that we are God’s viceroys on earth) than anyone else. I will not represent a fifth of the world population and I will not be molded into that. If the Hijab makes me the spokesperson for a fifth of the world population, I will no longer wear it.

But it doesn’t and I remind myself of why I wear it - in the first and last analysis, it was for God and God only. That’s what holds me to it, however loosely.

It is a struggle. Internal, external, societal, political. And I’m struggling. I have no qualms admitting that I’m struggling.

And it’s not that I’m dying to unveil and show myself - trust me the kind of treatment I have gotten makes me want to cover in a way where I can just disappear entirely (this is not to say that that treatment was a result of my clothing but rather that this is a defense mechanism). This is to say that I want to be human and seen as such before I’m seen as all these stereotypes and tropes. I miss not having to prove my humanity every day of my life.

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[10 pm, comes home after long day at school exhausted and ready to bum it this weekend]
Text from cousin: hey lewanai we’re going on a road trip tomorrow, come with!

September 18th
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Overheard after event on Gaza and Ferguson:

Panelist: … This basically boils down to genocide of Palestinians…

Zionist: this is not genocide. If they really wanted to kill the Palestinians they would throw *one* bomb and wipe them all out. But they give them food sometimes! That’s not genocide